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How I Work

What does it mean when I say I'm an integrative therapist?

It means I was trained and work mainly using three therapeutic models which are explained below.

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Person-Centred Therapy

Do you have feelings that don't seem to match your actions? Concerns over your self-worth?

Together we can look at how interactions with your environments and others may be shaping the way you feel about yourself.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ("CBT")

Have you noticed that when faced with a situation, your immediate thought process is negative? Do you notice yourself following the same difficult patterns of thinking or jumping to conclusions without any evidence?

We can examine these thinking patterns, why they might occur and how to move past them.

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Attachment Theory

When dealing with a stressful situation, is it possible that you avoid dealing with it or find yourself responding in an aggressive manner?

Your attachment to others, which may have developed throughout childhood could explain these actions. Working together, we can take the time to understand and process these behaviours.

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