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To blog or not to blog..

I've been procrastinating alot recently about whether to add a blog to my website. I've been procrastinating to such an extent that it's stopped me from pondering all those other issues that I wish I could change but can't. Like how this government somehow hasn't been properly held to account for the thousands of potentially avoidable covid deaths or how Facebook has become too powerful and isn't doing enough to safeguard the mental health of its users across many of its apps, putting profit first.

But I think the main thing that's held me back was my critical voice wondering what potential clients would think if they read the content of my blog. Having qualified as a therapist only 12 months ago, I think I'd fallen into the trap that in order to obtain a sustainable business, I must get clients whatever the cost. Even if this meant that I maintained a very neutral position on everything.

Then yesterday it dawned on me a little. If I did that, then surely I'm being incongruent? And if I'm being incongruent then how can I expect my clients to be truely themselves? Some people aren't going to like my views, some people won't gel with me as a therapist and both of these are OK.

But if I'm not genuine with myself that that becomes slightly less forgivable. So as a result of that revelation, this first blog post was formed.

I still harbour dreams of writing a book one day, Irvin Yalom is largely responsible for that! But this is start and one that has felt pretty good!

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